The Bieber-Gaga Trend: Vomiting Concert

This is the new concert trend. Artists should vomit/puke (for real) on the stage in front of the whole nation watching and act like you didn't do something gross, then run like a baby or ask your dancers to cover you up. Genius!

Watch Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga do this trend. They're such a trend setters!
I think more artists should follow this new trend.
Justin Bieber pukes live on Stage during the Believe concert in Arizona.

Source: Youtube

Lady Gaga threw up on stage during a concert in Barcelona!

Gaga was performing The Edge Of Glory and dancing with a male dancer when she suddenly leaned over and threw up. The dancer looked concerned, but like a true pro, Gaga simply continued performing... and then vomited again. And of course it was all caught on camera.

The translation on one of the videos says, "During her concert in Barcelona on October 6, the new queen of pop, it seems, felt unwell and vomited on stage!"

Gaga simply tweeted, "SPAIN, you took the piss outta me. Thats some hard bodied pop stuff. I'll never forget tonight Barcelona. FOREVER"

Vomiting on stage is becoming a bit of a trend amongst the biggest artists in the world. Justin Bieber recently vomited on stage during his Believe Tour.

Source: Youtube

Tip: Drink a lot of milk or over-puff some weed before the concert !