Scott Forstall - Fired?

iOS Software Senior Vice President Scott Forstall is asked to leave (or fired) because of the crappy iOS 6 Maps?

Apple announced that Scott Forstall will leave in 2013, at the same time, the head of retail John Browett is also leaving. sources said the reason why Scott Forstall have to leave is due to the iOS 6 Maps.

Is it true? Why? What's wrong with the iOS 6 Maps?

See why after the jump.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has apologized about the iOS 6 Maps. It was supposed to be signed by Scott Forstall, however he refused it. Source said Scott Forstall didn’t agree to apologize. He thinks Apple should address the issue rather than apologizing. Scott Forstall also unhappy there is no “decider” after Jobs has left.