Far Cry: Happy Hour

The CorridorDigital team was tasked by Ubisoft to create a live-action short based on their upcoming Far Cry 3 video game, which ships on December 4, 2012.  I just so happened to be in L.A. the day they shot it, so due to my connection with the Action Factory Stunt Team I had the honor of watching the CorridorDigital boys at work on their latest YouTube short.  These dudes and their squad are nothing short of awesome, and it really is amazing at what they’re able to do with their technical know-how and cinematography skills.  It’s not like they’re given a Hollywood sized budget to create projects like Far Cry Happy Hour, so it’s even more impressive that they can squeeze out bitchin videos on a YouTube budget. This video will show you what drugs can do for you! Stay out of drugs!

Watch the short movie presentation by the CorridorDigital + Bonus Behind the Scene.