Animator Frederic Doazan has created a short film titled ‘Supervenus’.

In it, a female anatomical drawing goes for plastic surgery. She is cut up, given botox and liposuction, and is finally transformed into a blonde bombshell. The procedures do not stop there, however, and take on nightmarish proportions.

This animation is painful to watch—it documents the pressure that women face as they feel like they have to look a certain way, as well as their love-hate relationship with their bodies.

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In the End - 10 Seconds Song Cover

Here's another awesome cover by Ten Second Songs. Singing In The End by Linkin Park in 20 Different Styles such as Guns n' Roses, Michael Jackson, KoRn, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Enya, The Offspring, Eminem, The Doors, Strapping Young Lad, Tech N9ne, Boyz II Men, Johnny Cash, Backstreet Boys, Queen, Alice in Chains, Daft Punk, Led Zeppelin and Frank Sinatra.

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