OPPO F1s: Pinoy #Foodstagram

SISIG. ("Ayoko ng baboy... pero gusto ko ng sisig!")
My favorite dish of all time! Who doesn't love the awesome taste of sisig. 

It can be sweet, mild, spicy or extra spicy.
You can add egg, mayonnaise, crispy pork skin(chicharon) or even pig's brain (Yes, you've read it right!) It can be pork's face (maskara) or pork belly. (Just don't forget to include pork's tongue... and eyes)

Photo from Choose Philippines by Bryan Rapadas

The possibilities are endless, you can try tuna sisig, bangus sisig (milkfish), pusit sisig (squid), chicken  sisig, tofu sisig, or anything that you can imagine. Chop it, sizzle it, sisig it!

The combination of sweet, salty, spicy and a bit of sour makes it unbeatable! Perfect with rice or on top of your favorite pasta! And of course, pulutan! with beer, vodka, whisky, wine, or lambanog. Cheers! 

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OPPO F1s also sports a 13MP Rear Camera with a 1/3.06 inch sensor, that will allow you to maximize light sensitivity. You can now enjoy every photo ops anywhere, anytime! Party now with Oppo F1s!

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Here's the Specification the the new Oppo F1s:

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